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Upcycling & Recycling furniture

Over het project

Wikd creates unique furniture designed by different cultures and made of old furniture and/or decoration. Our project has a double purpose. On the one hand we want to recycle waste so we can contribute to a better environment. And on the other hand we want to support the (local) economy by giving a chance to skilled workers who have difficulty finding a job. We focus on refugees who have difficulties in finding work. We want to create a platform where they can work together.

How do we work?
We will collect old furniture and reuse as many parts as possible to make new, unique furniture and home decoration. We carefully select the materials and produce high-quality products that can be bought online on our webshop or you can visit our showroom as well.  

- High quality unique products at affordable price
- giving skilled refugees an opportunity to work

Waarvoor dient het bedrag?

For this project,we need € 5000 to buy the following items:
-  2nd hand Sponge Cutting Machine
-  Sewing machine
-  Blacksmith Tools
-  Car for transporting products

More machines+ more jobs = good for economy and good for environment!
Additional donations will be used to start similar projects in other cities.


Over de projecteigenaar


My name is Mousab al-Sheikh from Syria. I have experience in: design and manufacture of furniture and decoration.
I had to leave my country because of the war and I ended up in Belgium. I lost everything and I had to restart all over again. I wanted to start rebuilding my future again here in Belgium and I was looking for a job. I couldn’t find one because of the language barrier.  It was depressing and frustrating... 
Meanwhile I was moving in to my new home and I went to the second hand store to buy furniture but I couldn’t find any good looking furniture. There was a lot of high quality furniture but they were old-fashioned or had some damages so I ended up buying a big  old-fashioned closet that was made from good quality hardwood. As I have experience with wood crafting, I experimented with the closet I bought and I made four new pieces of furniture out of it.
This opened my eyes. A lot of people buy cheap furniture with a modern look that’s produced on the other side of the world instead of high quality furniture in the second hand shop because they are old-fashioned. If I upcycle them and give them a modern look I not only help to reduce the waste but support our local economy.


Below you can find some examples of my work so far:








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