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MOBYDI: Mobility dialysis

Mobydi says “yes” to newfound independence

Over het project

Dialysis in France: a small community, great needs, and ever-increasing numbers

50% of today’s dialysis patients are over 70, but the “Silver Generation” is active and connected. And tomorrow’s seniors are us.

What is hemodialysis? It’s a substitute for renal function which takes 4 to 5 hours, an average of three times a week.

If you had to free up 5 hours, three times a week, how would you do it? Certain patients have to reduce their work hours, or stop work altogether, cut out their leisure activities, or even sleep less.

Our goal: help dialysis patients and caregivers save time by simplifying the process

This application will give access to different resources useful to patients, caregivers, medical personnel and even dialysis centers, in order to:

  • Facilitate the organization of patient’s vacations and any other travel needs;
  • Streamline the patient’s processing (already strained by the time needed for dialysis) with simple, practical tools.

MOBYDI will be a free mobile phone application.
A payed Premium service will provide personalized services and advice.


Waarvoor dient het bedrag?


Compensations: because you deserve it

Over de projecteigenaar

We are proud to be supported by :

French socks brand Collégien has recently launched LEVITY, a new generation of fashion, colourful compression socks that look great and deliver new energy to your feet and legs, helping blood circulation
Opendatasoft (ODS) is the French data-sharing platform for accessing, exploiting and sharing data. ODS hosts some MOBYDI datas

The creation of sweetness french brand - clothes for weakened skin

The cat for a better you - cat-shaped footrest for every room of the home Decoration, home-design, toilet footrest Squatting position at the toilet.

Logos, illustrations, unique and personalized cards for all occasions: announcements, cards, flyers, invitations, wishes, etc...

A patient.. (im) patient. An little impertinent. Delphine Blanchard’s blog, a dialysis patient waiting for a third kidney transplant.

Cmycities’ international network of Destination Experts will introduce you to their city and help tailor your trip so that your time there is unique, and more importantly, unique to you.

 Dialysis patient for 22 years, and waiting for a kidney transplant, Fabrice Huré did the Diagonale des Fous at La Reunion Island - His film to never give up and realize your dreams.

The first media for researchers

Olivier Kourilsky was only 37 years old when he was promoted as head of the nephrology department in a new hospital in Évry (France). He has enthusiastically managed it for nearly thirty years. He write several books

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