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The Movie

Over het project

ADDITIONAL STAGES 2009 You wi SET Should we reach 200% we will launch the manufacturing of a beautiful DVD box set that you can have it delivered right at home. The big selling point: no risk of censorship! You will untloc A POSTER CAMPAIGN WITHIN THE CITY OF PARIS If we reach this level, we would like to launch a poster campaign within the capital. Our main goal is to call out our politica leaders so they can put an end to this charade! PUMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN If amazingly we reach this level, we want to go big! We will launch a nation-wide communication campaign in order to alert the greatest number of people possible! 700 % You will unblock: THE ENGLISH, SPANISH AND GERMAN VOICEOVER OF THE FILM We did not think we would make it this far! Now we can show this film all around the world. Everyone must be informed of this international Holdup!COVID-19 generated conflicting debates between doctors, scientists, professors, politicians and experts, under the watchful eye of its main orchestrator: the press.

Many fiercely resisted to this war machine: Didier Raoult, Christian Perronne, Jean-François Toussaint, Philippe Douste-Blazy, Jean-Dominique Michel, Luc Montagnier etc.

This documentary looks back into this incredible holdup. While being recorded in a studio or in live situations, these experts will recount their battles, reminisce over their shock and bitterness after realizing that their data, although accurate, was not even taken into consideration.

Is it already too late? Can the damage be reversed? Who benefits from this situation? In opposition to these arguments, the documentary will also feature televised interventions and dramatic volte-face from politicians at the French National Assembly, TV doctors and government-backed professors. Their various speeches will be analysed by experts. But their secret weapon remains the same. Its name?: Fear. And it has won the first battle.WHY THIS PROJECT? COVID-19 generated conflicting debates between doctors, scientists, professors, politicians and experts, under the watchful eye of its main orchestrator: the press. Some scientists have lost all credibility after the Lancet-gate case. France's COVID-19 scientific committee, initially in charge of monitoring this pandemic, is being now accused of incompetence and arrogance. These accusations are backed by supporting evidence. And what about us? What must we think of all this? What must we do with all this information? Who must we believe? Tprod TomawaK NEWS LIES CORRUPTION MANPULATION OVID-1 HAOTIC CRISIS

THE M MOVIE In this documentary, we will revisit all the mistakes made by the highest institutions and back all the information with supporting evidence that will be proofed and back-checked. We will give Professor Christian Perronne the opportunity to share his knowledge of the crisis. All the information provided can be found in his best-selling book <ls there a mistake they did not make? COVID-19: A sacred union between incompetence and arrogance>. In his book, Perronne expresses his anger against our leaders. The documentary will also feature interviews of emergency doctors, physicians, deputies, world health leaders who have gone against measures they considered useless.

Waarvoor dient het bedrag?

FINANCING PLAN In order to quickly edit this 90-minute documentary, Tprod's small team will work for free. However, we must still cover costs such as soundstage shoots, sound mixing, archival footage, the English translations and production expenses. Thanks to the 20 000 euros collected, we will be able to pay for the first part of the film's production expenses. In general, the average cost of a 90-minute documentary such as this one goes from 75 000 to 120 000 euros. Film equipment 9 000 Licensing rights 6 000 Translation 500 Trave costs 500 Production expenses: 1 200 Ulule 1 800 FILM EQUIPMENT LICENSING RIGHTS TRANSLATION TRAVEL COSTS PRODUCTION EXPENSES ULULE

Over de projecteigenaar

THE DOCUMENTARY 2 film professionals will direct and produce this documentary: PIERRE Former correspondent. Man of the media (TV, radio and print). He worked in television (France 3, LCI, TF1) and print for 5 years (Ouest-France). He also worked as a Radio Commentator for the radio show <Le Meilleur du monde> (France-Info radio), as Editor-in-chief for RTL2 for 3 years, and as a war correspondent for Europe 1 and France-Info. He has directed more than 40 magazines and documentaries for the largest TV channels in France: TF1 (for the TV documentary series "Reportages>), France 2 (for the TV programme "Envoye Special>), France 3 (<Des Racines et des Ailes>), TV5MONDE. NIcoLAs REOUTSKY For 18 years, he managed leading French companies specialising in technical services (filming and post-production) such as Dynafilms, lepso, the Long Courrier studios, Virtual Center (digital post-production), Puma Studios, Centreville Television. He also ran the first virtual set studio in France. As a Line Producer and Production Manager, he worked for popular TV programmes such as < La Carte aux Tresors for French TV channel France 3. He also worked for TV magazines such as < En quete de nuit on TMC (15X26'), and produced more than 300 TV short programmes, TV and cinema documentaries as well as a great number of short films (2 of which have been awarded). His last work includes the production of a fiction feature film with Jean Reno titled < Cold Blood Legacy >, which was distributed by Universal

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