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Don't destroy my hope (Please)

Over het project

As we are confronted to to an undeniable humanitarian crisis, we asked ourselves how we could possibly react.  Other than the crucial necessity of juridical and material interventions, doing a sensibilisation project seemed important to us. The objective of this project is to be confronted to the reality of populations having escaped their countries and who wish to arrive in Europe or who are already living there, often in precarious conditions. Searching for this reality by meeting immigrants in France and Germany forced us to reconsider our vision on the “refugee question”. We faced multiple realities made of different life experiences, daily lives and various perceptions. In a nutshell, the objective for us is to stop thinking of the “refugees” as a homogenous group, to treat with pity and condescendance. We want to show other images: moments in life, very harsh day to day lives and words spoken sincerely with liberty. By giving an access to those images, to those realities as they appear to us, we wish to help all of us to think differently on this situation. Indeed, we are appalled by the way this subject is treated by the medias and particularly by the French Government. Aggressiveness in police forces, swamped welcoming centers, lack of juridical aid, no humanitarian protection... many symptoms of state gestion who considers humans as numeric and economic data. Against this alarming vision of the state of our society, we want to show how sharing, disponibility, hospitality, listening and mind openness are the only tools to build a coherent world

We do not plan ahead the subjects that will be treated and rarely with who. We film in the moment and only with the person’s agreement and trust. We do not want to steal any pictures. Because we are in a personal relationship with each person that we meet, we adapt to each them during the filming.


 Once the film is finished, it will be available on all downloading platforms but also on a specific website. This website will give you access to the film, allowing you to watch it freely. On this website, we will upload all rushes as well, for you to consult them as you wish.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question, suggestion or critic you may have (we are fond of critics).


When the movie is released, we will set up a private show free for each of our donors and your name will appear in the credits. Because we know each of you participates within the limits of his/her own budget, we decided not to give the compensation based on the amount of money you will give.

Waarvoor dient het bedrag?

Concretely we need finances for:

Buying the material that we don’t have (micro, camera, accessories, cables…)

To continue travelling to give the maximum testimonies possible (oil, bus, trains, boat…)

To take care of the crew (transportation, food…)

Furthermore, if we obtain the budget, we would like to share the material with the migrants so that they can film as they want and without any intermediaries so that they can show whatever they want. Obviously, we will mention the name of each person participating in the filming and who were not part of the crew.